Welcome to Lorraine's Health and Wellness

Welcome to Lorraine's Health and Wellness

Welcome to Lorraine's Health and WellnessWelcome to Lorraine's Health and WellnessWelcome to Lorraine's Health and Wellness

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Whole life health and wellness is a whole life approach, integrating our relationships, what we do for a living, our spirituality and our physical activities; then we talk food. Finding whole life balance and the food that works for you is what our coaching program incorporates. 



 Our Coaching practice compliments you and your lifestyle and any supervised diets or plans you may already be on or thinking of trying.  We do not diagnose or prescribe any types of diets or exercise regimes but will support you through any changes you are already thinking you may wish to make.  To book a Wellness Review, please contact Lorraine directly.


Food is our Focus

Although we focus on all aspects of  life, food for health is an important part of who we are at our Coaching practice. Lorraine is a professional cook and attended culinary school back in 2010 so food gets us excited.  Lorraine has also been a vegetarian for almost 30 years so plant based eating is also a focus when approaching how to eat healthy.

Our Team and What we Offer


Health Coach

 Lorraine is currently attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is studying to be a Health and Wellness Coach with a focus on food.  Lorraine left a career in 2010 to chase a dream of working in the food industry and attended Thompson Rivers University Culinary Arts program here in Kamloops, BC.  Food is Lorraine's life, particularly healthy food with a focus on a Vegetarian diet as she has followed this for nearly 30 years.  Lorraine has also a keen interest in yoga, meditation and Reiki having completed both level 1 and 2 Reiki and is accepting clients as part of the Coaching program or as an add on or for individuals interested in booking sessions.  Lorraine is now accepting clients for Health  and  Wellness Review consultation sessions; please contact Lorraine directly to book your appointment.


Cooking Demonstrations and Workshops

 These sessions are designed to provide clients with knowledge and hands on opportunities to assist with preparing and understanding their food. Please contact us directly to enquire about upcoming classes and Cooking Demo sessions.


Reiki and More

Lorraine has now completed her level 1 and level 2 Reiki Practitioner courses and is delighted to announce that she is accepting clients.  Sessions are available at Lorraine's practice located in the idilic location at Pinantan Lake,BC or at the clients home or desired location.  Please enquire for details and to book an appointment.


As a new Reiki Practitioner, special pricing is now being offered for a limited time.

Single Sessions: $45.00

Book 3 Sessions: $110.00 (payment due at first session) 

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For general inquiries, please contact us.

Telephone: 250-573-5538

2465 Harper Ranch Road, Pinantan Lake, BC

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